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Curt Schilling: Baseball's Biggest Hypocrite

Curt Schilling: Baseball's Biggest Hypocrite

Many people remember Curt Schilling for his gutsy performance in the 2004 American League Championship and World Series - where he underwent a first-ever medical procedure done by team doctor William Morgan, in which a tendon in the ankle is sutured to the bone to prevent it from slipping back and forth and causing extreme pain.

There is no doubt that over those few weeks that October, Schilling blessed us with some of the finest and gutsiest sports moments in Boston history. He made it very clear that he came to Boston with a purpose - to help bring them their first World Series championship in 86 years, and he did just that.

Schilling even played a role on the 2007 World Series team, earning the win in the second game after allowing a lone run on four hits over 5.2 innings.

It didn't take long after his second World Series victory with Boston before he found himself in the midst of some controversy, however.

Schilling signed a one-year deal with the Boston Red Sox for the 2008 season valued at $8 million, but after being diagnosed with a shoulder injury in February he would never threw another major league pitch.

That contract and subsequent injury caused a serious conflict between the front office and Schilling, so much so that Schilling claims he has zero relationship with the Red Sox to this day.

Although his playing career was over, Schilling was far from ready to fade into obscurity. It's no secret Curt loves any amount of attention he can get and will do whatever to keep his name in the news.

In an interview with Boston radio station WEEI in Sepember of 2008, Schilling called out former teammate, Manny Ramirez,  stating that his "level of disrespect to teammates and people was unfathomable."

Schilling is no stranger to disrespecting teammates himself, having been called out by several members of his squad for his behavior during the 1993 World Series when he was a member of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Whenever Phillies' closer Mitch Williams was pitching, the CBS cameras would pan to Curt Schilling sitting in the dugout with his face buried in a towel. Schilling claimed he was nervous in the high pressure games, but many believe he was just trying to get more face time on the television.

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Looking at the way he has acted throughout his career and beyond, it is hard to disagree.

In July 2010, Schilling was approved for a $75 million guaranteed loan from the state of Rhode Island to create his video game company, 38 studios. Thinking that the Schilling name that was so famous in New England would catapult his business to Microsoft-like success, he set up shop and built his headquarters near the Capitol on Empire Street in Providence.

Less than two years later in May 2012, he had defaulted on the loan and couldn't even afford to pay his employees. It is even rumored that former employees are now stuck with second mortgages because 38 studios had failed to sell their homes as part of the relocation process.

The NY Times reported that the Rhode Island Governor, Lincoln Chafee, called the state's investment in 38 Stuios, "the worst investment that's ever been made, I think, in the history of Rhode Island."

Schilling cites ongoing litigation as to why he has never been able to make light of the details surrounding the case. What is known, however, is that Schilling (who is openly against government-funded programs) had no problem taking government money if it meant benefiting himself. He immediately turned around and blamed the State of Rhode Island for the failure of the company and then basically forced Rhode Island taxpayers to bail him out.

Funny story, just a couple months before defaulting on his loan and leaving the State of Rhode Island with the mess to clean up, he was quoted as saying:

"There can be no question our country is in the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. I also think there can be no question that it falls on us, the individuals, to find a way out of our own personal crisis."

Hypocrisy at it's best.

In November of 2014, Schilling and baseball writer Keith Law got into a famous debate over evolution. While Schilling argued for creationism and Keith Law argued in defense of evolution, things never turned heated and it appeared as nothing more than a friendly debate.

However, it is widely speculated that Schilling complained to ESPN which caused Law's Twitter account to be suspended.

This is a great example of Curt having no problem with the first amendment, as long as it works in his favor - but as soon as you disagree, he will run to your employer or school in an attempt to get your terminated or expelled.

Now keep in mind, freedom of speech does not protect anyone from repercussions. The people that sent out the disgusting tweets about Schilling's daughter deserved what they got.

But in Keith Law's situation, he was taking part in a fundamental debate and not once did he take it to a personal or offensive level. He simply said something that ruffled Schilling's feathers, and Curt made Law paid the price.

Less than a year later Schilling would get his own lesson in how freedom of speech does not protect you from repercussions, especially from your employer.

It is no doubt that extremist groups such as ISIS have caused a great deal of fear and discomfort in this country. But to compare a religious group (the label 'extremist' means absolutely nothing, every religion has them - even Christianity) to Nazis is absolutely absurd.

What Schilling neglects to mention is that Nazi Germany put a cap on the amount of members it accepted, presumably because there were only so many blue-eyed, blonde-haired males. He also fails to note that Hitler received almost 44% of the vote in the 1933 German federal election, which would seemingly point towards German support of the Nazi party being much higher than 7%.

ESPN did not take too kindly to the tweet and Schilling was immediately suspended from his duty covering the Little League World Series. On September 3rd they announced he would not appear on game broadcasts for the rest of the season.

It didn't take long for Schilling to tuck his head between his legs, typical behavior for him when there could be financial repercussions involved. It is highly unlikely that Schilling truly realized the impact of the tweet and was simply trying to minimize the damage and not lose his job. 

The amount of irony in that tweet is also amazing. Schilling stated in January of 2016 that he would never change his outspoken conservative ways to get into the Hall of Fame, yet when it comes to money he will say whatever needs to be said.

Schilling joined Kirk Minihane from Boston's WEEI for the "Enough About Me" podcast this past week, which is where he made the announcement that he has zero relationship with the Red Sox at this time and even mentioned that "they said things in [a] meeting that made me realize that they never gave a shit about me."

Having dealt with Schilling on social media a few times in the past, I decided to share the article from and tagged Curt in it wondering if I could get one of his signature ridiculous responses.

Curt did not disappoint.

Unfortunately, I was never able to answer his question as to why I tagged him - simply to get a response out of him. Immediately after calling me a 'spineless coward', Schilling blocked my Facebook account to prevent me from responding.

I find a tremendous amount of humor in his response, however.

Firstly, by mentioning that it wasn't a failed company until he invested his $50 million either suggests he has the worst financial adviser in history or that he is the specific reason the company failed.

Secondly, he attacks me for not using facts (I specifically mention that I wasn't accusing Schilling of lying about his injury and that I simply believed some suspicion was fair) and calls me a 'spineless coward' before immediately blocking my account thus preventing a response.

Don't get me wrong, Curt is under no obligation to listen to my opinion or offer me a chance to reply - but you would think as an adult that he would at least allow a person a chance to respond before resulting to name calling and character assassination. Who's the spineless coward, really?

Like I said, I have 'debated' on social media with Curt before. I use the word debate loosely, because it's always a lot of the same - he resorts to name calling or making assumptions, I take time to write a well-thought-out response, which is immediately deleted by him before anyone has a chance to see that maybe he isn't the smartest man on earth.

Despite the fact I rarely, if ever, agree with Curt on his political/religious beliefs - I used to have a great deal of respect for him simply because he wasn't afraid to speak his mind regardless of what anyone else think.

It's obvious that isn't the case - he doesn't care what other people have to say until they actually say it. He uses his position as a 'celebrity' to taunt and berate those who dare disagree with him, until they attempt to defend themselves - then it's all name calling and temper tantrums. I simply can not respect that.

Not that he cares, I am some clown he has never met.

Another thing is evident in all this, there is no bigger hypocrite than Curt Schilling.

He would never disrespect a teammate unless it meant getting more air-time on the television. He is anti-government spending unless him and his interests are benefiting from it. He will attack a religious group for being 'extremists' without ever acknowledging the extreme behavior of members of his own religion and he will beat free speech to death until you try to politely debate him.

I am still waiting for my employer to come to me and tell me that Mr. Schilling has called and demanded my termination because I refuse to believe in virgin births, talking snakes and an all-loving creator who will send you straight to the brimstone of Hell if you wear a t-shirt made of blended fabrics. 

I would love for Curt to be able to read this and respond in a calm, mature manner. Just because you have differences of opinion with someone, doesn't mean you cant learn something from them or even teach something to them. 

But who am I kidding, chances are if Curt reads this he is just going to attack my character and tattle to my boss. Before he calls me a spineless coward, I will be in Boston on April 11th and 12th if he would like to have a discussion from outside the comfort of his computer screen.

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Benintendi Launches First Pro Homer

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Last month, the Red Sox drafted 20-year-old sophomore outfielder Andrew Benintendi from the University of Arkansas with the seventh overall pick in the First-Year Player Draft. Boston signed him last week for just over $3.5 million.

Benintendi began his professional career last week with the Single-A Lowell Spinners of the New York-Penn League. He promptly collected two hits in each of his first games, including a home run against the Tri-City Valley Cats on Saturday, the Fourth of July. He has collected four hits in eight at-bats (.500 batting average) with the single home run and two runs batted in through his first three games with Lowell.

Although he has shown he possesses plenty of raw power, at only 5-10 and 170 pounds he considers himself more of a doubles hitter.

“Going into my sophomore year, I knew what to expect. So I prepared accordingly. I don’t think I’m a power guy, even though the numbers may say I am. I’m more of a gap-to-gap guy. I just go up there and try and hit the ball hard and, fortunately, enough balls go over the fence,” Benintendi told The Lowell Sun last week.

Benintendi was named the SEC Player of the Year, Collegiate Baseball’s Player of the Year and received the 2015 Golden Spikes Award. The lefty hit .376/.488/.717 with a Divison I-leading 20 home runs, 58 runs batted in and 24 stolen bases in only 65 games for the Arkansas Razorbacks this season.

The Cincinnati, Ohio native hopes to join a long list of former Golden Spikes Award winners who have gone on to have successful MLB careers including Alex Gordon (2005), Tim Lincecum (2006), David Price (2007), Buster Posey (2008), Stephan Strausburg (2009), Bryce Harper (2010) and Kris Bryant (2013).

This is the second time in three seasons that Boston has had the seventh overall selection, their earliest picks in the draft since 1993, when they drafted Trot Nixon with the seventh pick. The Red Sox are hoping to get more production out of Benintendi than their 2013 seventh overall draft choice, lefthander Trey Ball, who has so far failed to live up to expectations. Ball has gone 11-17 with a 4.24 ERA, allowing 191 hits and 78 walks in 186.2 innings over three seasons.

— Forrest Mulheron

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Greenville Stacked with Infield Depth

(Photo Source: Boston Globe)

Much of the talk coming into the 2015 season revolved around the surplus of outfield depth the Red Sox were carrying on their roster.

What was not mentioned as frequently was the tremendous amount of infield talent Boston possesses in its minor league ranks, specifically at Single-A, especially after signing international free-agent Yoan Moncada to a $31.5 million deal back in early March.

Moncada is currently Boston’s highest-rated prospect, ranked seventh in all of baseball by The young second baseman spent the beginning of the season in extended spring training. Since being assigned to Greenville on May 18, he has hit just .229/.311/.321 with only seven extra-base hits. However, it should come as no surprise to anyone that such a young man would need a little extra time to fully transition.

“I was excited to get out of Fort Myers and play [live games],” Moncada told through his translator. “Since then, I’m just trying to get better and get used to everything.”

Greenville boasts not just one but two top-100 MLB prospects in their infield. There's also 18-year-old Dominican born third baseman Rafael Devers, who is currently ranked 80th. The Red Sox signed Devers as an international free-agent in 2013.

Devers has looked impressive in 62 games for the Drive this season, slashing .306/.372/.479 with five home runs, 19 doubles, 40 runs scored and 36 RBI. Devers will represent the Red Sox in the MLB All-Star Futures Game on July 12 alongside Manuel Margot.

His offensive approach has even garnered comparisons to All-Star second baseman Robinson Cano.
"In terms of the swing itself, I've heard people comp him to Robinson Cano,” Greenville manager Darren Fenster said in an interview with "Just with the whip that he has from the left side and the path that he has.”

Not listed as one of MLB’s top-100 prospects, but ranked 10th in Boston’s organization by, is 19-year old Michael Chavis. Chavis was selected 26th overall by the Red Sox in the 2014 First-Year Player Draft out of Sprayberry High School in Marietta, GA.

Although his slash line of .207/.267/.356 leaves something to be desired, Chavis has shown some ability to drive the ball by slugging six home runs and 13 doubles in his 56 games this season, including a walk-off double in his Greenville debut.

"It [was] a great sign for a kid who, this is his first game under the lights, and to have him come up with the game on the line in the ninth, for him to have the ability to stay calm under pressure and come through with a good at-bat — he smoked a ball that was a couple of feet from being a home run," Fenster told back in April.

With three of Boston’s top-10 prospects just beginning to get their feet wet in the minors and many questions surrounding the Red Sox infield in the seasons moving forward, it should be exciting watching these and several other infield prospects journey through the minors for the next few seasons.
— Forrest Mulheron

Monday, May 18, 2015

Portland Sea Dogs Win Four-Game Series Against Rock Cats

Portland Sea Dogs

After dropping the first game of the series, the Portland Sea Dogs were able to win three straight, including a 4-2 victory on Sunday, to defeat the New Britain Rock Cats in their four-game set at New Britain Stadium in New Britain, CT.

Portland responded in a big way after being defeated in the series opener, scoring 13 times in a wild comeback victory on Friday night.

The Sea Dogs entered the seventh inning trialling New Britain by a score of 10-4, and received a RBI single by Oscar Tejada and a grand slam from designated hitter Tim Roberson to bring Portland within a run. The Rock Cats responded with a run of their own off Sea Dogs' reliever Kyle Martin in the bottom half of the inning to make the score 11-9, but Portland was able to rally for two more runs in the ninth to tie the score.

Roberson stepped to the plate in the 10th inning with two runners on and needing just a triple to complete the third cycle in Sea Dogs' history, and delivered with a three-base hit to center field that scored Jantzen Witte and Oscar Tejeda to give Portland the 13-11 lead.

"Just one of those nights, I saw the ball well," Roberson told Kelsie Heneghan of "Almost speechless and never expected that, but I'm blessed and happy that we got the win, most importantly. To do it at the professional level, and at the place I'm in here and in this moment, I'll definitely remember this one for the rest of my life."

Portland wasted no time in the series' third game, scoring five times in the first inning and never looking back. They added two more in the second on a Witte home run and a sacrifice fly by Keury De La Cruz, and scored single runs in the third and fourth to win by a final score of 9-4.

Justin Haley took the mound for the Sea Dogs for Sunday's rubber game, and was able to earn his first victory of the season after tossing six innings and allowing just two runs on three hits and a walk while striking out eight.

With the game tied at 1-1 in the fifth inning, Blake Tekotte hit a two-run homer to give Portland the 3-1 lead, his first home run of the season. Carlos Asuaje added a RBI single in the seventh, to give Portland the 4-2 lead.

The Sea Dogs have an off-day Monday before returning to Hadlock Field to take on the Altoona Curve for a three-game series beginning Tuesday night at 6:00 PM.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Yoan Moncada to Make Single-A Debut on Monday

Yoan Moncada

Yoan Moncada, who was one of the most highly touted international free-agents ever, is set to make his minor league debut for the Single-A Greenville Drive after spending a little over a month in extended Spring Training. Moncada signed a deal with the Boston Red Sox worth $31.5 million back in February, with Boston paying 100% tax on the contract for exceeding their international spending pool limits.

Moncada, a top-10 MLB prospect, is a switch-hitter who can play a variety of positions, including second base, shortstop, third base and the outfield. He reportedly spent time working with Greenville's staff during Spring Training, which should make the transition to playing in actual games a little easier on the 19-year old.

"He's just getting comfortable with the routine of everything," Greenville manager Darren Fenster told in Spring Training. "I think what everyone has to do and has to keep in mind, this is just a 19-year-old kid who has some incredible tools, but still needs a lot of work just to kind of improve every day, just like every single other guy out here.

Moncada played two seasons in the Cuban Serie Nacional, where he hit .277/.388/.380 with 11 doubles, four triples and four home runs to go with 28 RBIs over 101 games. So far, his plate approach seems very much the same here in America.

"You can already see that he's a professional who uses the whole field when he's hitting," Ben Crockett, who is the Red Sox director of player development told "We've seen him drive the ball really well, but when he's in the cage, it isn't just a home run derby. He hits the ball where it's pitched and, for a young guy, he has a pretty good idea of what to do when he steps into the box already."

Moncada will make his full-season debut for the Greenville Drive against the Lexington Legends at Fluor Field on Monday night at 7:05 PM, and the game will be broadcasted live via

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Tim Roberson Hits for Cycle in Wild Sea Dogs Victory

Tim Roberson

Tim Roberson played the game of his career on Friday night, hitting for the cycle en route to a 13-11 comeback victory for the Portland Sea Dogs over the New Britain Rock Cats in front of 5,161 fans at New Britain Stadium in New Britain, CT.

“Just one of those nights, I saw the ball well,” Roberson told Kelsie Heneghan of “Almost speechless and never expected that, but I’m blessed and happy that we got the win, most importantly. To do it at the professional level, and at the place I’m in here and in this moment, I’ll definitely remember this one for the rest of my life.”

After Carlos Asuaje reached base on throwing error in the bottom of the third, Roberson got his first hit of the game when he launched a ball to left field for a two-out double.

Portland entered the seventh inning trailing the Rock Cats by a score of 10-4 and after Oscar Tejeda delivered an RBI single, Roberson drilled the second pitch he saw from Tyler Ybarra for a grand slam home run, the first Double-A home run of his career.

“I was looking for a good pitch to hit. I kind of chased the first pitch, a curveball down, and I was just looking for something up and to put a good swing on it. And I got that and squared it up,” Roberson told Heneghan.
“It felt good because we’re down five at that point and it got us back to within one and we’re battling all night. And it felt really good to help the team out and get us within one.”

Trailing by two runs, Tejeda would reach on a lead-off walk to begin the ninth before advancing to second on a single by Roberson. Both runners were able to move up on a sacrifice bunt by catcher Luis Martinez and then scored on a two-run single by shortstop Marco Hernandez to tie the game at 11 runs a piece.

Needing just a triple to become the third player in Sea Dogs’ history to hit for the cycle, Roberson stepped to the plate in the 10th with two on and one out.

The 25-year old West Palm Beach, Florida native launched a ball to center field and as he rounded first base he could hear first base coach Joe Thurston encouraging him to “go for it.” Roberson realized Thurston was referring to a triple and sped up as he rounded second before cruising into third with a two-run go-ahead triple to give Portland the 13-11 lead.

Even though it took one extra frame to accomplish the rare feat, it was a game Roberson will soon forget.

“I got a pitch up and put a good swing on it and things happened from there,” he said. “Just blessed that I get to do this every day and be a part of this. And what happened tonight, I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. Some things have to happen [to get a triple] — I’m not the fastest guy in the world but luckily, tonight was in my favor.”

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Portland Sea Dogs Fall Victim to Unearned Runs

(Photo Source: Yawkey Way Report)

After a solid 4-1 series-opening victory against the Binghamton Mets at NYSEG Stadium in Binghamton, New York on Monday night, the Portland Sea Dogs were unable to overcome three unearned runs and dropped the second game by a final score of 3-1.

Portland Sea DogsMike McCarthy got the start and took the hard-luck loss for Portland, allowing no earned runs on five hits and two walks over 4 2/3 innings. The loss brings McCarthy’s record to 2-3 on the season and his ERA currently sits at 5.32.

Portland took their first and only lead of the game in the top of the second inning, when center fielder Blake Tekotte notched and RBI single after Keury De La Cruz singled and Luis Martinez was hit by a pitch to set up runners at second and third. Tekotte has put up a respectable season for the ‘Dogs thus far, hitting .250/.337/.342 with six extra-base hits and nine runs batted in over 24 games.

Trouble for the Sea Dogs started in the bottom of the frame, when Josh Rodriguez singled on a ball to left field before advancing to second on a throwing error by Sea Dogs’ shortstop Mike Miller. Gavin Cecchini, brother of Red Sox prospect Garin Cecchini, then singled to center field to put the Mets on the board.

Portland again found themselves in trouble in the bottom of the fifth after Met’s left fielder Jared King reached on a Mike McCarthy throwing error before advancing to second on another throwing error by Luis Martinez. After a Brandon Nimmo fly-out, Binghamton received RBI singles from both T.J. Rivera and Josh Rodriguez to push the score to 3-1, where it would stay for the remainder of the game.

William Cuevas (3-1, 3.44 ERA) will take the mound for the Sea Dogs opposite Rainy Lara (2-0, 2.91 ERA) in the third game of the series on Wednesday night at 6:35 PM. Portland returns home to take on the Colorado Rockies Double-A affiliate New Britain Rock Cats on Friday night at Hadlock Field.

Photo Credit: Kyle Leeds Photography